Introducing our NEW CLIENT PORTAL!

Ready to get started? Access your account on the Client Portal now! Here's our Portal Link to sign up and use it every time you'd like to log on to access your account:

What to Expect from Tax Prep:

Our commitment to providing seamless communication while safeguarding your information is our top priority. Our secure portal ensures that your data is always available and protected:

Easy Access:

You will receive a link to our online portal, allowing you to access your documents anytime, from anywhere. Download our mobile app, available for Android and iOS, which includes a built-in scanner!

Year-Round Access:

All your documents are available year-round, securely stored within our portal. Enhance your data security by enabling Two-factor Authentication (2FA).

Electronic Signatures and Invoice Payments:

Receive documents for electronic signature, and conveniently make invoice payments directly within the portal.

Secure Messaging:

Expect secure messages with to-do items, ensuring a smooth exchange of necessary information such as bank statements and W2 forms etc.

Our Process

Access your account and get started with these simple steps:
  • iOS Application

    Download the mobile app for Apple iPhone.

    iOS Application
  • Android Application

    Download the mobile app to use on Android phones

    Android Application
  • User Guide

    Explore the client portal user guide for comprehensive instructions.

    User Guide
  • Activate Your Account

    Sign up and activate your user account to begin using the Client Portal.

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